I'm all in for students because I’m all in for all students because every student deserves someone on their side.


I’m all in for professional development because I do NOT have all the answers. Professional development gives me the opportunity to sharpen my skills. It also directly benefits my students.


I’m all in for collaboration with my colleagues because it’s good to learn from others. There are many times that I prefer how my colleagues are doing something as opposed to the way I was going to do something. Collaboration as a counselor also gives you the opportunity to make sure you made the right/best decision on some tough situations.

I'm all in for equitable and inclusiveness because every student deserves a place at the table. Every staff member in the district deserves to have their voice heard. When this occurs, then we are creating a school environment that cares for all.  

I'm all in for school counseling because a strong unified counseling team can be the bridge for the community, parents, students, staff, teachers, and administrators. A counseling team can bring emotional and academic support to creating a positive culture for the campus.


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School counselors are an integral link in the chain that supports our children’s pursuit of academic, emotional, and social success.

What is
Counseling Program?

A comprehensive school counseling program supports a schools overall academic success. Using data, a counselor integrates career, social/personal, and academic support to all students.

Counselor's Role
Philosophy Statement

The role of the counselor is to offer direct and indirect services to students through management, foundation, delivery and accountability systems.​  http://schoolcounselor.org/

All students’ learning can be elevated and heightened by systemic approaches in academia, socia/personal, and career developement.